The Penny Arcade!

1931 Gottlieb Baffle Ball


Welcome to the Penny Arcade! Here you will find many images of various early coin operated penny arcade games from my collection. I am particularly interested in the game of Pinball. There are pictures of many historic 'first' machines which document the evolution of Pinball from the Billiards like game of Bagatelle into what we know today as 'Pinball'. The site may be accessed, Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

  • Early Bagatelle Games
  • The first pinball machines
  • Some 1930's Pinball Machines
  • More 1930's Pinball Machines
  • Examples of some later pinball machines
  • Arcade Machines, Page 1
  • Arcade Machines, Page 2
  • Arcade Machines, Page 3
  • Fortune Teller Machines
  • Mechanical Music Machines
  • Trade Stimulators
  • Vending Machines
  • Arcade Related Miscellaneous
  • The Great Houdini
  • Contact Information, Items for trade or sale, Current Wants  

    Other interesting websites:

  • The Internet Pinball Database
  • James Roller - Beautifully restored arcade digger/cranes for sale
  • The Coin Operated Collectors Association (C.O.C.A.) website
  • Terry Cumming's site with lots of great pinball info and books
  • Ken's Rockin Oldies arcade website
  • The Pin Game Journal - Magazine dedicated to the Pinball Hobby

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